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The MCAC houses over 16 analytical instruments, each with its own unique capabilities. The goal is to provide easy access to the analytical techniques available for all who desire to utilize its services, including but not limited to the university, nonprofit organizations, and industry.

Most instruments may be run with or without assistance. If an instrument is run with assistance, MCAC employees will run the samples that are submitted and create reports relaying the results of each sample. If customers would prefer to run an instrument without assistance, a training process is required. Rates are provided below for sample analysis using instruments for Mass Spectrometry, Chromatrography, and Spectrocopy. Rates are variable based on the institution type and if the instruments will be run with or without assistance from MCAC staff.

Josh Wilhide, MCAC manager, is in charge of maintaining the facility and its instruments, training and assisting users, overseeing the scheduling of instrument time, and meeting with the client to discuss how the MCAC can meet the sample analysis needs.

Use the tabs at the bottom of the chart to view the rates for each category of instrument.