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PerkinElmer Frontier Optica FT-IR


The PerkinElmer Frontier Optica FT-IR can quickly and easily produce a spectrum and compare it to established libraries, making it easy to identify samples. Equipped with a NIR attachment, the work of making pellets is eliminated, and liquid or solid samples can be run efficiently.






UV-Vis LD Spectroscopy


The Jasco V-560 is a UV-Vis spectrophotometer with temperature control capabilities that allows for rapid analysis.  UV-Vis spectrophotometry is an analytical method that utilizes the ability of an analyte to absorb a specific wavelength of light within the visible and ultraviolet light spectrum. Light scattering effects can also be measured using spectrophotometry. This method is useful for colorimetric assays, quantitation, and other analyses such as turbidity.



Fluorescence LD Spectroscopy


The JY-Horiba FluroMax 3 is a fluorometer, a highly sensitive, analytic spectrophotometer that is used to measure fluorescence. Fluorescence is a highly sensitive method of spectroscopy with high selectivity for the compound of interest. For a sample to fluoresce, the compound must contain a fluorophore which can be excited for the emission and detection of the analyte. Fluorescence is a useful method in chemical and biochemical processes for rapid and simple quantification of a target compound.